• New! 1.5 day training: Commodities & Export Trade: Documentary Credits and the UCP - ITDC3

    May 24 & 25 2017: Geneva

    How it works in practice from both an operational  and risk perspective

    • Different forms of settlement in commodities trade finance
    • Anti-money laundering, sanctions
    • Documentary credits
    • All about UCP 600, URC522 & possible revisions
    • Documentary collections
    • Bank guarantees
    • Standby LCs & LOIs
    • Commodity trade finance case studies
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  • 2-day training: Analysing Non-Performance Risk in Structured Commodity Trade Finance - HIW

    Next event in June 2017

    Understanding what defines SCTF


    • Traditional lending, asset backed

       and credit enhancement


    • Assessing term sheets

    • Using effective structures

    • What can go wrong?

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  • New! Workshop Seminar: Warehouse Receipts Financing: Risk and Innovation - WRF1

    June 28, 2017. Amsterdam

    This new training will be led by four trainers; a commodity finance banker, a trader, an underwriter and a senior lawyer. It is a totally new course looking at the challenges of financing cargos stored in field and terminal warehousing, with case studies from China & Asia, Middle East, Africa and South America

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GT Group - specialised in-company commodities & trade finance training provider

GT Group is based in Geneva, Switzerland and is a specialist provider of commodities, shipping and trade finance training.


Founded in 2010, we run in-house training courses covering technical topics of interest to bankers, commodities and energy traders, insurance professionals, advisory firms and service providers. We also run occasional public courses in London, Amsterdam, Geneva and Singapore. GT is supported by the International Commodities and Derivatives Association ('ICDA').

We are supported by ICDA

The International Commodities and Derivatives Association ('ICDA') was founded in 1978 in Geneva. It serves the international exchange -traded and OTC-cleared commodities and financial derivatives. ICDA Members include major financial institutions, global exchanges and trading firms. For more information, visit here.


All GT courses are accredited by ICDA and all participants will receive a certificate on successful completion of the training course.

In-house training organised by GT Group - contact us for more information

Trade & Commodity Legal Brief

Taking of security, pledge, commodity finance structures, use of law (common law vs civil code considerations)


What Can Go Wrong in Structured Commodity Trade Finance

Analysing non-performance risks: looking at commodity finance structures from a risk perspective



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